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Main » 2020 » March » 7 » Trouble At The Theater Or Time Is On Our Side
11:27 PM
Trouble At The Theater Or Time Is On Our Side
We left the Tick Tock Man on a quest to retrieve his grubs. A simple quest we thought until we ran into our rabbit friend who informed us that the “grubs” were wax storykin children. Damien was having a crisis of conscience over the fact that he would essentially be engaging in the slave trade. As he pondered this dilemma, we began our trek to the Theater. Days later we arrive and find the Theater in disrepair and overgrown with brambles. We enter, and in the foyer we see a floating violin in the corner next to a creature that can only be described as a half elf/half cricket. The violin was playing itself as the elf cricket argued with it. We find out that it is the musical director and that Balamir & Balio are the directors. The elf cricket then played a song for us that ended up charming us. Damien was able to resist the charm spell and was able to prevent the elf cricket from picking our pockets. Then Damien grabs the violin out of the air and smashes it on the ground. Cricket boy runs through the double doors leading into the main theater screaming “MURDER!!!”

We follow him and see a large theater containing a few random storykins scattered about in the gallery seats, and on the stage we see a large man with a marionette. He sees us and the cricket boy and screams at him “You have been banished!” Suddenly we catch the eye of the directors (who are the man and marionette on the stage), and Balio cries out “you’re perfect for the lead role in our magnum opus” to Dar-Wynn once he saw her. Dar-Wynn, who is not one for subtleties, asks Balamir bluntly for his token. He agrees, but in exchange for it she must star in their play. She agrees and we receive the token.

Dar-Wynn was then to play opposite the directors’ diva—a half woman half snake named Eliara. Eliara seemed ragged and old for a storykin. She and Dar-Wynn begin to improv together on the stage—so cringe-worthy. During their stage performance they embrace, but Eliara, apparently feeling threatened by another actress on her stage, attempted to strangle Dar-Wynn to death. Dar-Wynn responds with claws to her neck as the rest of us seize upon the diva serpent. We soon learn that this may have been a miscalculation on our part. The marionette blasted us with a fireball as the half elf/cricket runs toward us screaming “MURDERERS!!”

Dar-Wynn didn’t survive. She explodes and thankfully kills the diva in the process. We attempt a mistake, but all seemed lost. It was at this point that Konraad remembers the time scrolls that they had been given. They were to be used as a means for us to recover during sleep, but he found a way to use them to reverse time. He casts the scroll spell and then suddenly…we found ourselves back to where we first entered the storykin realm.

We relived every encounter—only Konraad knew this was the second time around. Everyone else thought that this was the first time experiencing our journey. Finally we arrived back at the Theater. This time, Damien went straight up to the floating violin and muted it. We quickly enter the theater, just ignoring the cricket boy. Dar-Wynn once again agreed to appear in the play, but as soon as we receive the token, we turned tail and ran for the exit. And…scene!
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