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Recovery of Amicas
09 February 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2017 » November » 3 » Val's Home!
1:23 PM
Val's Home!
The party climbs to top of tower and sees that there are hundreds of demons. Town has been evacuated to the Dragon's den and are safe behind metal doors. Davian notices a dragon tail on a distant mountain range. Darwin attempts to call for boots but does not get a response. The group needs a plan to get to the mountain. Gran says that there is a secret passage of tunnels, but that they have to distract the demons. Cantankerous, Gran and two guards are with an old fairy in the kitchen. The group hears muffled wails of pain. The guard is grinding the fairy into dust which is put into ale. Cantankerous drinks the ale and runs out into demon horde. The group see that Chippy & Jumpy are standing on a roof. The door closes behind Cantankerous. The group hears explosions. Regalia leads the group through secret tunnels which come out next to the dragon's den.

They travel through a corn field, across a creek and come out at an upslope towards a plateau. They hear noises that they recognize as demons entering into this plane. They head to the right run through forest and come to a sheer cliff wall. The cliff face appears to be breakaway shale. Darwin flies up with rope and notices that the portal sound has disappeared. Darwin ties one end of rope to a tree and drops other end down. About half way up, Myrna gets cocky and starts to climb faster. She falls 30 feet. Everyone hears something coming through woods. Davian attempts the climb, but falls. Konrad ties a rope to himself and Myrna pulls him up. Davin tries again and falls again. On the third try he ties a rope to himself and Myrna pulls him up. The group continues on and goes up a slight incline and approach the dragon. Darwin fascinates the dragon and it becomes enthralled. The group notices that the dragon has an egg. Myrna searches for where the scale should be placed and the group hears demons approach. She finds where scale is missing and slips it into place. Myrna attempts to engage the demons and slips on the hill. Darwin's gauntlets taunt the dragon in an attempt to wake it. Val did not know about egg and Myrna calls to the group that the horde is coming. Val expels a frost patch freezing the demons in place The group jumps onto Val's back and heads back to the castle. Cantankerous has survived with Chippy & Jumpy. Val tells the queen "this can not stand. Send the remaining townspeople to my lair". The group goes away with queen and Val cold burns the town and Cantankerous casts fireball after.

Cantankerous explains about plains and the energy that keeps them separate. He doesn't know why the energy between these two planes keeps failing. As the barrier normally exists takes a lot of magic to punch through but beings (demons) from the other side are punching through the barrier. He tells the group that he has a partial scroll that says that a substance called "Amecus" fuels the strength of the barrier. He doesn't know what it is, how it got there, how to maintain it or how to replenish it. Someone needs to go into the other plane to figure out what's going on.

After a meal, Val makes statement to the gathered townspeople. He thanks Cantankerous and tells the townspeople that they will live with her for the time being. They will build a memorial to lead tiger.

As a thank you, Val gives Davian claw covers with serrations based on ancient dragon text and boots to improve stealth (+2)

Darwin wins beer the contest. Upon inspection of the barrels she sees that they have the mark of her God. She hears a whisper of "I've been watching" and 50 gold pieces appear in her hand.
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