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Main » 2018 » November » 17 » Welcome to University
10:14 PM
Welcome to University

The group resumes looking for Nethandric...

In a vestibule off of the endless plane of stone floor, Dar-wynn tries each of the two doors, neither were locked.

Kat opens door number 1 and sees a wall of water, think a door into an aquarium.

Dar-wynn opens door #2, sees a wall in the glowing distance with a glowing flower. 

There is also a creature present.

The creature is a chimera covered in armor. It comes bounding forward but it is restrained by a chain.

The group decides to attempt distracting the chimera to grab the glowing flower.

The dragon head of the chimera uses an acid attack on Konrad which does some damage.

Dar-wynn prepares to fly up and does successfully. 

Konrad moves forward to grab the flower. He gets the flower. Kat rushes in and the chimera attacks Konrad. He becomes critically injured - possibly fatally.

Kat tries to pick up Konrad's body and run but her hand passes through him as if he was an illusion.

Kat brings the rose out of the room.

The others go back to the Chimera's room after the creature disappears behind a secret door.

With the exception of Brega, the party investigates the room.

Kat breaks a hole in the wall and discovers that Konrad is on the other side - alive and well.

Konrad takes the flower and places it in the 2nd vase seen in the 2nd room. This action triggers a door and the party finds themselves back on the endless plane. This time, a 
ledge can be seen. Beyond the ledge, they see a glowing hammer and a globe on a pedestal.

Brega attempts to reach the pedestal. The others also try to come up with a way to reach the pedestal.

Konrad tries again, relying on faith as he steps off the ledge and plummets off the cliff. He disappears into the void, falling forever.

Kat drops an inferior longsword off of the cliff.

Dar-wynn tries to step off the cliff, this time holding the rose. Luckily, she flies back to safety.

Kat erects a triangle-shaped tent and goes to sleep feeling defeated. Kat wakes up and screams "It's impossible!"

Suddenly, Konrad reappears with the broken coin of resurrection, with his equipment scattered around him.

Dar-wynn hears the sound of someone walking towards them. She sees a figure wearing a robe. The androgynous humanoid stands 7 1/2 feet tall. Clad in a rich colored robe this regal individual appears to be a magic user with tanned, elvish features and long dark hair.

The magic user identifies himself as Nethandric and congratulates Dar-wynn for passing the tests.

Nethandric tells the group to follow him into his university. The university is populated by many races, most are unrecognizable to the adventurers. It exists within a time bubble.

Nethandric tells them that he is 2000 years old. He asks the party what their purpose is in seeking him out because Amicas is the one who keeps the integrity of the veil between planes.

Nethandric assures the party that he can teach them what they need to know in order to find Amicas. He tells everyone (except Kat) to take a basic course in magical engineering. Instead, Kat will take a combat training course.

Magical engineering is combining spells to a greater effect. The group will need more power to complete their mission.

The group needs pixie dust and must return to their plane to find it.

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