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Main » 2018 » September » 7 » Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?
7:02 PM
Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?
The hags were defeated. We all noticed the fresh celestial mark upon Brega's forehead that she had received from her deity. Small price to pay after being saved from drowning. With the storm cleared after the death of the vile witches, we are able to continue our voyage to find Nathandric. The next morning we wake to find everything absolutely still. I would say there was an ill wind but for the fact there was no wind. The sea was silent and smooth as glass. All of the crew that were on deck were absolutely still, and no amount of prodding caused any change in their poses.

We retrieved the captain's spyglass and Kat climbed the mast to get a bearing in the crow's nest. Along the horizon off the starboard side we did notice motionless columns of smoke. On the port side we saw an island in the distance and some other object in the still water between the ship and the land. While sizing up our situation, Konraad scried into the future to gain a glimpse of what foe we may be encountering. What he saw were two serpent's heads. Fairly non-specific but par for the course for his abilities.
Through trial and error we discover that not only the water below us was absolutely still, we were able to tread upon it without sinking. We decide to walk toward the island with little alternative. We gathered supplies and took the dinghy with us just in case the water turned once again to liquid during our walk. Halfway to the island, we encounter the object in the water. We realize that it is an aboleth, an evil ancient creature. We were much relieved that it was frozen in place as everything else was. We gave it a wide berth and continued on towards the island.

As we approached, to the right there was a smaller towering island upon which were frozen harpies. In front of us was a beach with wide path leading into the jungle. We ignored the unmoving harpies and set forth along the path. We notice that once we reach the beach, the trees are moving and the breeze is blowing. We eventually come to a clearing in which stood an ancient colonnaded temple adorned with friezes depicting various serpents. Some reconnoitering by Dar-Wynn returns no other features of note about the island or the structure.

We go for broke and approach the temple entrance and the doors open before us. A bellowing female voice beckons for use to enter. We meet an ancient winged medusa named Amber who invites us in for a feast. She had been waiting for us. I can tell you, seeing an ancient winged medusa can be unsettling if you know anything about ancient winged medusas. Long story short, we join her in the feast. She makes a proposal to Konraad that if he were to help her father a child, she would give us some valuable information that would help us on our quest. Reluctantly, Konraad takes one for the team.

In return we are told to mention "magical engineering" to Nathandric when we encounter him.
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