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Main » 2018 » May » 19 » You never know who you'll meet, right?
6:05 PM
You never know who you'll meet, right?

The Stein and Sword

Dearest Mother,

You know how you’ve said I always meet the most interesting people.  I think I’ve meet more interesting people in the last couple of days than almost anyone does in a lifetime.  I meet a tree that used to be a dwarf, a ‘Doom’ Priest that appeared in a column of flame and a man named Drazule that loves the dead way more than is legal anywhere.  

The tree wasn’t too bad despite enthralling us and all the bones at laying at its roots.  I let it pick me up and we had a nice chat.  It even gave us a heads up about infected nearby.  What was sad, is it hardly remembered being a dwarf so many years ago in the mountain.  I suppose it’s better that way or it would have gone mad with loneliness.

Now the ‘Doom’ Priest was an interesting fellow.  I don’t think we got on very well since I ended up wrapped up in a grass cocoon my friends had to cut me out of.  I suppose I should be more respectful of those that appear in a pillar of flame and can leave as a flock of birds.  He seems to get along okay with everyone else and Konraad even ended up with a little ‘doom’.  We might see him again as we were all headed to the beach.

As we went along we were bugged by a dense tower of insects.  Luckily webs defeat bugs, so we made it past them with a little help from Brega.  They made such weird buzzing sounds it almost sounded like they were saying “Drazule”.

We were almost to the next town when we were ambushed by a wyvern that looked as if it was falling apart.  I’m guessing it had been infected for quite some time.  Once we got it on the ground, we were able to take care of it with no problem, but Kategume and Konraad ended up covered in its blood.

All this and we ended up at a town called Mud Hollow.  It’s about like you’d expect.  It had a rickety fence around the town to keep out the infected and two guards at the gate.  They looked like they might have trouble keeping out dogs and cats so I didn’t have much hope for it keeping the infected out.  Turns out I was right.  We decided to spend the night at the inn and could hear the infected trying to claw their way into the building.  

In the morning we headed on towards West Haven.  It wasn’t far and we saw an increasing amount of dead bodies as we got closer into the town.  What was surprising was finding a man sitting in the middle of the town square surround by dead bodies covered in flies.  While he was polite enough to introduce himself as Drazlule, once he started talking about how he ‘freed’ people and being worshiped as a god, we started to get a bit uncomfortable.  Of course that was nothing compared to when he started walking towards us as the dead rose around him and he said we needed to “Stay.”  

You never know who you’re going to meet right?  

Your Loving Daughter,

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