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New Corinth Primer - The Modern Mythology
RobDate: Friday, 17 Jan 2014, 2:15 AM | Message # 1
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Part 1 - History

Like most bad things, you can blame the current condition of the United States squarely on the Nazis.

In WW2, as the German advance near Stalingrad faltered, Hitler unleashed his secret weapons. From the nightmarish depths of the Buchenwald, dying Gypsy witches had shared an ages old blood curse with their torturers. Vampirism. The Wehrmacht, in an attempt to bolster it's fighting prowess, turned thousands of it's troops into bloodsucking monsters. Nightmarish myth became horrid reality, and Stalingrad fell almost overnight. But the Vampires weren't the only monsters waiting to be pulled out of the dark.

Nicholas, the Russian Czar, turned to demonic magics as well, cursing many of his troops with lycanthropy. England managed to make contact with the farie realms, bargaining for their return, in exchange for power. Even the surviving Jews were able to turn to their kabbalist mystics and summon Golems to their defense.

In America, we didn't have the luxury of cultural goblins to drag out of the shadows. We were a land of immigrants. Instead, we hunted down the nastiest creatures we could find...and gave them to the scientists. They tried to splice combinations of creatures into our soldiers to mitigate the worst side effects of what were were doing. Largely, they succeeded. The results were wildly unpredictable, but still very useful, and without the virulent properties of the German or Russian approach. At the end of the war, the survivors of the American super-human projects were allowed to return to their civilian lives. We thought that would be the end of it.

Then they started having kids.

It's only been three generations since the second world war, but there has been so much crossbreeding amongst the descendants of the super-human programs that each super-human born exhibits entirely unique, and entirely dangerous, powers. Even with the threat of an expansionist Russian Empire, and vampire covens travelling here from the old world, the most dangerous threats we face are domestic. Denver has been conquered by a shape shifting monster called The Grim. Austin has been leveled by another named the Roaring Beast. In light of these threats, and others, congress has approved the Precinct program.

Certain super humans, determined to be capable, driven individuals, have been offered a chance at a kind of feudal leadership over many of our major cities. They do not answer to the civilian leadership of their designated cities. Their only purpose is to keep control over their territory, against all comers, and keep the bloodshed to a minimum.

Last week, you were invited to help form the Precinct of New Corinth, North Carolina.

Added (17 Jan 14, 1:15 AM)
Part 2 - Character Creation

Anyone who's interested in playing, build a character using the Flex system rules in that post (if you have any questions, just ask. If you'd like help building a character, I'll be happy to assist.) Give them a name, a little character background, and three super powers you think are neat. I'll use those to create the superpower you'll actually have. If there's a power you really want, or really don't want, just say.

RussDate: Friday, 17 Jan 2014, 3:26 PM | Message # 2
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Holy crap, I love this premise!
RobDate: Friday, 07 Feb 2014, 3:57 PM | Message # 3
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New Corinth is not the warzone that some of the major cities have become in the last decade or so. This is largely due to a peaceful impasse between the city government and a few of the independent, influential groups in the city. While the police forces technically are bound by law to arrest any members of the public who break the law, the reality is that "victimless" crimes by the various syndicates in the city (such as smuggling, prostitution, illegal gambling, and the sale of certain illicit substances) are largely ignored.


City Hall is rife with corruption, but most of the citizenry could care less. The power stays on, the water keeps flowing, the trash is picked up, and supervillains aren't laying waste to the shopping district. That's why Mayor John Hardy keeps getting re-elected, though his willingness to beg, borrow, bribe, or steal support for his city sure doesn't hurt. Rumor has it that he was under investigation for embezzling funds from the city to supply bribes to the leaders of various other factions around town, but the investigations seems to have been stepped on. Hard.

New Corinth Police Department

Commissioner Phillip Bratton runs the largest group of armed men and women in the city. At 20,000 sworn officers, the NCPD is trained to handle anything up to and including small riots. Unfortunately, they are NOT capable of handling rampaging superhumans. They have enough sheer manpower that they could make an unholy mess of the city taking down a major threat, but that road leads to a burning ruin like Austin. This has led to a hands-off policy when dealing with the various organized crime groups around town that use powered individuals as muscle. The Commisioner, and most of the officers, are a little bitter about that, but also a little grateful that it's not their ass in the fire.

Remus Guard Industries

One of the largest security firms in the world, and certainly the largest in the nation, has it's home in New Corinth. Remus Guard not only provides personal protection services for VIPs and fast reaction defense forces for secure locations around the globe, but is also the number one manufacturer of superhuman restraints and containment systems, many of which are custom crafted for their occupants. Their headquarters is a fifty story skyscraper situated in downtown, the top three floors of which are the personal home of the company CEO, Marcus Primiano.


The Yakuza are, certainly, a viscous and brutal organized crime group, but they are also, oddly, one of the stabilizing forces of New Corinth. They know full well, even with their incredibly hi-tech equipment, they could not survive a pitched battle with the NCPD. Besides, they are into crime strictly for the money, and if they have to spend some of their time playing the more bloodthirsty criminal groups against each other to keep the violent crime rates down, and the non-violent crimes profitable, so be it.

Irish Mob

As an offshoot of the old IRA, these have heavy weapons trafficking connections, and pretty much own the waterfront district, with exception of a few private, corporate docks. Since weapons trafficking is illegal as hell, even in the generally laissez-faire environment of New Corinth, the Irish Mob and the cops have come to blows a number of times. This group is organized by a giant of a woman named Red Molly.

The Bratva

As a group, they have few enough numbers, but the Bratva make up for it with  their ruthlessness and brutality. Heavily invested in the Drug trade, rumor has it that the core members are actually Red Empire special forces that deserted for a more profitable private sector. Due to the seeming lack of interest in expanding out of their territory in the stone heights industrial district, they don't usually cause external problems beyond occasionally wiping out a fang gang, which can practically be seen as a public service. They are, however, wanted in connection to the crucifixion of a pair of Dreg thugs that tried to sell meth inside their territory.

Added (28 Jan 14, 11:31 PM)
Fang Gangs

Vampires are as much an infestation as they are an organized demographic within the city. No one knows precisely how many there are in the city at any given time, but when they are found, they are considered fair game by pretty much everyone. A freshly turned vampire, without a strong elder vampire to control him, is little more than a wild animal. Fortunately, the young ones are weak enough that they aren't unreasonably difficult to destroy if they are on their own. Unfortunately, this means they tend to run in small packs, thus the term "fang gang". The older ones, of course, are generally sane enough and strong enough that they have no need of pack tactics, allowing them to hide their actions better among the general populace.

Minyan Block

This area of midtown, a single block, deserves special mention. It is guarded by Rabbi Kleinstoch, and his small group of golems. Guarded, that is, to the extent that he won't even let the police enter the area. As a compromise, and to prevent a very dangerous confrontation, the Rabbi has agreed to allow precinct officers access to the Minyan Block, but even undercover or off duty officers are gently, but firmly, kept away. This would be of less interest if there had not been reports of the Golems occasionally leaving the block for areas of the city unknown.


It started as a series of misunderstandings between the New Corinth street gangs, that eventually melted down into all-out war. It wasn't until their power was broken and the Yakuza had set up shop that the remaining gangbangers realized that they'd been had. Ever since, with a firm eye on their common enemy the Dregs of the New Corinth street gangs have been looking for a way to get even, and reclaim their spot on the top of the heap. They haven't had much luck until last year when a new leader, Mac Will, staged a rapid takeover of the Dregs, complete with a small cadre of powered lieutenants. The Dregs have been expanding and pushing against the other criminal groups in the city ever since.


Vigilantism is not common in most major cities. If a powered individual wants to fight crime, the government is generally more than happy to pay them to do so. But sometimes, someone comes along that doesn't want to fight crime, just murder criminals. This is the case with Redeye. He's a caucasian male, and wanted in connection with almost two dozen murders, mostly from members of the organized crime communities, but also of a NCPD detective who was investigating the case. When Redeye found out, he assaulted the detectives precinct, murdered the one investigating him, and burned the related casefiles. His power is to blind people who would normally be able to see him. This works even through secondary sources, such as video, or photographs.

Added (07 Feb 14, 2:57 PM)
The Black List

The incredible variety of superhuman powers occurring in modern America and across the globe has resulted in the unfortunate necessity of the Black List. The black list is a semi-secret list of enemies of the state that are illegal to interact with in any fashion except by direct congressional mandate. To get on the black list, and individual must fulfill three requirements: they must possess the capability to do irreparable harm to humanity as a whole, they must demonstrate the motivation to do so, and the United States Government must not know a reliable method of permanently diffusing the threat. Many countries have their own version of the Black List, with varying parameters, but getting on any list tends to be reserved for the true monsters out there.

While the whole of the list is top secret, some names are publicly known.

The Roaring Beast

Apparently immune to harm, immensely strong, and capable of shouting loud enough shatter skyscrapers, no one knows what the civilian identity of the Beast was before he appeared in Austin, Texas, and tore the city apart. Casualties were in the hundreds of thousands, including over a hundred Powered military response personnel. The Beast appears to be unthinking, and attempts to destroy anything that gains his attention, without hesitation or reason. A marine recon unit was quickly developed after the Beast appeared, for the purpose of luring it out to the Nevada desert, and keeping it away from cities. As it appears to have no means of propulsion beyond simple walking (admittedly with 30-40 mph sprints), plans are currently in place to attempt to hurl it into the sun.

Alexei the Red, Emperor of the Russian Empire

When the Bolshevik rebellion began, the insurgents had every expectation of victory. That they had dismissed the changes Rasputin had made in the young heir to the throne, Alexei Nikolaevich, turned out to be their downfall. Rasputin had saved the young prince from hemophilia by binding an immensely powerful predatory spirit to the boy. When the assassins came for him, he tore them apart. Alexei quickly, and literally, dismembered the revolution, and claimed the throne at the tender age of 14. His age, immensely slowed by the demon within, appears to be that of someone in their early 20s. He was added to the black list when British agents descovered that he had continued to spread his curse among his people in secret, even after the threat of the Nazis had passed. Western assassins have been sent after him twice, and report that he will heal from wounds up to and including seemingly lethal shots to the head.

The Grim

The shapeshifter known as The Grim was suspected of being a serial killer before she was ever added to the Black List. She is thought to be responsible for the deaths of a number of people with shapeshifting powers, by cannibalism, leading to the theory that she can take the form of anything she has consumed. Four years ago, she was found and confronted by the precinct members of Denver, Colorado, at which time she killed them and ate them. She then proceeded to "spread" through the drainage system of the city, devouring every government employee she could find. She now rules Denver with an iron fist, using the citizenry as hostages to ensure good behavior. Some have speculated that the "citizens" within the city limits are just doppelgangers crafted from the flesh of the Grim, but as no one if even sure that a nuclear bombardment would suffice to remove her, she is considered "contained" by a regiment of national guard, thirty powered military personnel, and round-the-clock satellite coverage.


Another serial killer who gained Powers, no one knows MindWorm's name. In fact, he wasn't even know to exist until he possessed the President of the United States, and nearly started a nuclear war with China. His powers made containment extremely difficult. He seems to be a disembodied intelligence that can possess anyone he sees. Furthermore, if the victim is slain, MindWorm immediately possesses the nearest living thing. He was finally captured by a Secret Service agent that tricked him into following him into a specially prepared bunker. Using a trick he saw in a movie, the Agent poisoned himself, sealed the bunker, and shot the possessed victim in the head. This left only a large swarm of caged mice, brought in for the occasion as targets and fed by remote, for MindWorm to jump into.

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