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Character sheets uploaded
AshDate: Thursday, 03 Mar 2016, 7:12 PM | Message # 1
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I’ve posted all the characters everyone created for the Strontium Dog campaign up on the website. Jessi, if you want to continue with that one character we will have to talk about her sorcerous ability, figure out what spells she knows (but bear in mind that this is not like Pathfinder - sorcery is powerful for sure but as a starting character you won't be that powerful and won't have many spells at all).

I made one mistake during character creation, my apologies. The Jack of All Trades skill does not let you use any skill without training (i.e. all at Level 0 instead of -3). Instead, you reduce the penalty by one (i.e. you can use untrained skills at a -2 penalty instead of -3). This wouldn’t be a problem except you can take this skill more than once, each time reducing the penalty further. I seem to recall some of you did roll Jack of All Trades more than once and re-rolled it because of my misinformation, sorry.

Additionally, there is one last step to character creation. All together, as a group, you have to select a skill set (these are labelled according to the reasoning behind each set: the traveller set; the revenge set; the investigative set; and so on). Once you've selected, each of you select a skill from the set in turn until all the skills have been picked. (This should give you each an additional two levels in skills.)


Anyway, now that you've all had a taste of how character creation in this game works, well, I figure you might not be happy with the characters you have and might want to create another (or two). After all, I think several of you realized going after the riskier warrants was much more rewarding than playing it safe with the easy ones. Or you just might want to make another character for fun anyway. Or you might have really wanted to take Jack of All Trades more than once... ;)

(For instance, Juan, I would really recommend you create another character because of your low DEX. You don't have to, of course not, it's just my recommendation. You may think your character, with his incredibly high STR of 18 and his END of 14 will be great in combat… but sadly no. Firstly, as you know, with a DEX of 0 you’re going to be terrible at any ranged attacks. Great at melee, sure, but not ranged attacks which are much more common. And remember – the Physical characteristics are also the equivalent of this game’s hit points. END is reduced first, and yours is only 14. When END is gone, you have to subtract from either STR or DEX and when two characteristics reach zero, you fall unconscious, are considered badly injured and dying. See the
problem? Your DEX is already zero. So when you lose 14 points of END, you’re in trouble. Every other character the group created can take more hits than yours can.)

If anyone does want to try again, let me know and we'll sort it out, like staying late after the next game or something. Thanks.

Added (03 Mar 2016, 7:12 PM)
Make that two mistakes. smile Sorry, everyone, I forgot about this one too. If you gain a Contact, Ally, or even a Rival (with a good reason behind it) during character creation and you make that person another player (with his or her agreement, of course), then both you and he/she gain a free level in any one skill of your choice.

It's a good way of tying character's together before the game starts and also gets you more skills. Even if you have a lot of skills already, it's worth doing because it's one of the few ways to get non-randomly selected skills.

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Forum » Role Playing Games » Strontium Dog » Character sheets uploaded
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