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RussDate: Thursday, 11 Jun 2015, 11:25 AM | Message # 1
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Ash, I highly recommend you attempt this before our next meeting:
Bad-AshDate: Friday, 12 Jun 2015, 7:24 PM | Message # 2
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That is pretty awesome, Russ, and thank you for sharing.

Michelle and I tried this out tonight and we discovered several interesting things:

1. You need a LOT of salt. I've got no idea how the water in that video is so clear but we ended up with a much larger glass and filling it literally half-full of salt and you could barely see the dice until they bobbed back up to the surface.
2. Even then, some dice are just too heavy for this to work. As best as Michelle and I could figure it out, the older the die, the heavier it is, although they honestly don't feel any heavier. So two of my three D20s were two heavy to test.
3. The narrator is absolutely right about clear dice - all of those we tested seemed to be random and perfectly balanced, while the older non-clear dice were all unbalanced and favoured a particular number.

And finally, what you all want to know... :P

4. The one D20 I was able to test was unbalanced and favoured one number. Surprisingly, however, it was 15. So yes, folks, apparently I am just that unlucky! biggrin (Michelle's pink D20 kept coming up on 5, by the way, although her pink D12 kept coming up as 10, so these things balance out.)
Forum » General Topics » General Discussion » Genius
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