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Dar-Wynn has a highly developed sense of alcohol appreciation.  It stated at a young age with a dare.  After she got though her first mug of ale she discovered the appeal and subsequently the after effects.  This developed into a brewing passion such that you’d most often find her at the local tavern trying out the competition and alternately trying to sell her latest Arcana Brewery creation. 

Her passion was destroyed with the swig of a potion that makes alcohol turn to water in her mouth.  Now her new driving goal is to find a way to impress her God, Cayden Cailean, and hope for a miracle to cancel the potions effects. 

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 961 | Downloads: 105 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 09 Aug 2019

Damien Hammerfist is a half-orc paladin who worships the god of peace, Sarenrae. To establish long-lasting peace and to destroy those that seek to wage war is his mission as a champion of Sarenrae. He once was a worshipper of the god of war, Gorum, but has since converted and put what he learned as a Gorum acolyte to use as a paladin of Sarenrae. He is not opposed to doing what needs to be done for the greater good, but he will almost always object to doing something inherently and purposely evil.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 47 | Downloads: 7 | Added by: Russ | Date: 27 Jul 2019

Unfortunately during the demon invasions his father went mad and left him and his human mother behind. What he did find out is that his father sired two other dwarves/half-dwarves in his absence: Kurdreg, a dwarf barbarian and Krushgruuv, a half-halfling/half-dwarf rogue. All three half-brothers hate their father. Krushgruuv has vowed to kill him for stealing their mothers' fortunes.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 766 | Downloads: 66 | Added by: Russ | Date: 25 Jul 2019

Brega is the middle child of 7 in a family of magic users. While her siblings all scattered to far away lands long ago, Brega apprenticed to her father and learned the art of bookbinding. After their library and bookshop was destroyed by a horde of demons, Brega buried the pain and trauma with a considerable amount of alcohol. And now she finds herself mostly sober and following a group of adventurers into the great unknown where she hopes to expand her magical knowledge and put her skills to use.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 329 | Downloads: 42 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 24 Jun 2019

KateGume was born after the devastation of the demon horde and the world as it is is all she has known. She has never met her father (and could really care less to know him) as he was a wayward and libertine traveler. The only instance that her mother has ever spoken of him was to say that "he left more than he intended" as he was passing through. Kat never bothered to ask more. ...

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 297 | Downloads: 27 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 24 Jun 2019

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