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Gunter is of average height with short dark hair that gets quite scraggly quite often due to his time on the road. He's very fit from a life of farm work followed by a life of a soldier. His most noticeable feature is a 3" scar running across his left cheek to where his head meets his neck.

Gunter's Panzerhand is his most prized weapon and possession. He realizes just how lucky he is to have come to own something so valuable and treasures it like nothing else. It has not left his side since he got his hands on it.

His most memorable moment was being a dead-eye shot with a tankard of beer in a Castillian tavern.

His most memorable quote:  "Friends are good, but potatoes are better."

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Angelina is of average height with long dark hair that is usually held back from her face. She's very fit and tan from spending the last several years of her life working on ships at sea. Her most noticeable feature is her rich chocolate colored eyes.

Her most prized possessions are 2 elegantly made water-resistant pistols

Her most memorable quote:  "Besa dulce de muerte."

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