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Though he was treated as an outsider by the children, he was loved and cared for by the elders and the chief shaman, Zunguri. Zunguri raised Gel like her own son and encouraged him to use his gifts only as he saw fit and not to listen to the taunting of the rest of the tribe. Gel was thick as a brick and slow on the uptake, but had great insight into his lessons once they finally sank in. He eventually mastered Zunguri’s teachings and graduated from his apprenticeship. On the day he was declared a full Wind-Speaker Vaal sent a gift to the tribe in the form of an elder Arrowhawk. This tribe roosted on the tribal chief’s hut for seven days and nights and protected the tribe from a mighty snowstorm that threatened to freeze them all to death. On the seventh morning she flew away leaving only an egg that called to Gel. Gel cared for the egg and was as proud as any parent when the baby hatched and Skree was born into the world.

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Llothiel was trained as a boy by the priests of Rathma, at the wish of this father.  There he was taught of the Balance between Life and Death, and how to control the magic that binds the two together.  The cult of Rathma honors the dragon Trang'Oul, who is the fulcrum of the Balance.  As such, some of their evocation magic is related to the dragon's command of bone and spirit.  However, Llothiel himself was fascinated by the aspect of the Balance found in Nature and ended up leaving the order of Rathma to explore the world.

His studies of field and forest gained him experience relating to both plants and animals.  His knowledge of unusual herbs and fungi is particularly extensive.  In Llothiel's philosophy, Life and Death are just two sides to the same fundamental force, so he does not see his command of undead, or animating constructs with life-force, as equal to "unnatural". 

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Egor was born (he doesn’t remember how old he is: He was too young at the time of his birth to quite recall the exact year) into the typical tribe of Ogres that all Ogre assistants seem to come from.  About the time he was in his late teens, he was thrown out of the tribe for being to soft-hearted.  He puzzled over this until he forgot was he was worrying about and began the journey to the civilized lands, where he was sure that humans would embrace him as a fellow gentle-being.  He was a little surprised at their reactions of wanting to burn, kill, dismember, maim him and was more than a little disappointed by the whole experience.  He began lurking around bridges and charging tolls until a group of unionized trolls ran him out of the territory.  He was in despair and was almost ready to take the cowards way out and become a wizard, when he met his master.  Here was a kindred spirit indeed!!!  Seeing that this wizard was misunderstood just as he was, a bond was formed between them.

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