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Missing since she was an infant, Audria has living on her own in the deep woods. Her world revolves around survival and her only friend is a tabby cat who befriended her. Eventually discovered by a trapper, she joined him on his travels. Full grown and attempting to adjust to what is left of civilization, she is constantly frustrated with her attempts to communicate and understand what’s happening around her. Combined with the fact that she never had to police her emotions and expressions for other people, her temper is constantly boiling over.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 352 | Downloads: 17 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 21 Oct 2016

Kendria enjoyed her time growing up in the smithy with her mother.  As she slowly grew more proficient, she was especially good at making a fine sharp edge.   She wanted to learn how to make more than just axes and plows.  She wanted to learn to create something new and perhaps discover how some of the lost artifacts had been made.  She wanted to discover more than what was available in her small community and see what the world had to offer. 

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 370 | Downloads: 14 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 21 Oct 2016

Krushgruuv Bloodbane - Half Dwarf/Halfling - Rogue

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 308 | Downloads: 11 | Added by: Russ | Date: 20 Oct 2016

Not much is know of Allanon. He is silent most of the time speaking only when absolutely necessary. He spent much of his time in the local tavern alone in the corner, his imposing figure cloaked and huddled of mead. On more than one occasion a local would get drunk and on a dare approach Allanon and ask him to join them for a drink, and Allanon would always refuse. Occasionally the drunkard would take offense and take a swing at Allanon. No drunkard could remember what happened after they took a swing at him and not just because of his own inebriation. When the call to leave town came he silently joined those departing. The other adventures guess that he lost a wife or other loved one and therefore wishes to leave the memory behind, but no one knows the real reason.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 308 | Downloads: 8 | Added by: Brandon | Date: 01 Oct 2016

Edith is the wife of Yalandra and mother to their adopted daughter Anafa‚Äč

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 371 | Downloads: 14 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 29 Sep 2016

Anafa is the adopted daughter of Yalandra and Edith

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 340 | Downloads: 11 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 29 Sep 2016

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