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After the destruction of her home and livelihood (by fire) plus the loss of her family (also by fire), Myrna is questing to find her life's purpose again. She's deeply afraid of letting anyone get close to her but at the same time, she feels the need to have others around in order to keep her mind quiet. She likes to stay busy. And she likes to hit things.

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After the Demon Wars, many communities fled across the lands and took up drastically different ways of living. In the case of Lead Tiger, his parents and fellow survivors took up the harsh living up in isolated mountains surviving with nothing but the help of their bare fists. Child of second generation survivors, mother Crystal Crane and father Bronze Bull, Lead has now descended from the mountains to see if the world is inhabitable after these many decades.

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Yalandra is the wife of Edith and mother to their adopted daughter Anafa

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Elf Ranger paid to track down weaker demons in the surrounding woods. Takes great pride in trophies from enemies bested, and hopes to build himself an epic hunting lodge one day. Parents fought demons (both alive), so he hopes to prove himself cut from the same cloth by creating trade routes and hunting dangerous prey. His beloved X girlfriend left him for a musician after he obnoxiously obsessed about hunting, but he perceives that as his failure as an epic hunter (it is not). Thus, he is skeptical of the value of music, particularly over stealth. He has ten brothers and sisters, one of whom gave birth to the half-elf Davian Dawntracker. Other brothers and sisters are highly competitive in other dangerous and rewarding pursuits.

Ty has half a map to something, and does not know what. He found it pinned to a corpse on a hunting trip.

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Wizard detective, bored with small time thievery and determined to unlock more complex mysteries. Values knowledge and discovery over material possessions, but happy to scrounge for the former to attain the latter. Reclusive but won't pass up contests of wit. Mother & Father were engineers during the war. Father had an affair with an Elf who bore the bastard Half-Elf Davian Dawntracker, whom Zach has locked up for petty theft several times, ultimately concluding that it was immoral to jail the rogue for illegally feeding the hungry.

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Krushgruuv Bloodbane - Half Dwarf/Halfling - Rogue

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