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Amicas [Jessi]
27 January 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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A 29-year-old male mutant who began his career on the illegal and underground MMMA (mutant mixed martial arts) circuit before becoming a S/D agent. His mutations include a little natural armour, the ability to climb virtually any surface, and having his ears moved to his shoulders.

A Dogs' Life | Views: 342 | Downloads: 8 | Added by: Juan | Date: 20 Apr 2016

A 30-year-old mutant, Raven has mostly minor mutations (such as reptilian scales on her upper arms and elbows) that are easily hidden. She's agile, smart, has considerable character, and is also fairly well-educated.

A Dogs' Life | Views: 361 | Downloads: 8 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 18 Apr 2016

Excel - Open the file, enter your information, save a copy of the file with your character name, then upload it onto the site.

Blank Character Sheets | Views: 343 | Downloads: 11 | Added by: Ash | Date: 17 Apr 2016

A 28-year-old female S/D agent, who is agile but poor-to-average in most other areas. She has small scales all over her body, webbed fingers and toes. She's also a good shot and can sense the presence of life around her.

Archived | Views: 244 | Downloads: 3 | Added by: Ash | Date: 15 Apr 2016

A 32-year-old female S/D agent, who is agile but poor-to-average in most other areas. Has a crystal spine with spikes, and her skin is also crystalline in appearance (and minorly armoured). She's also a good shot.

Archived | Views: 247 | Downloads: 3 | Added by: Ash | Date: 14 Apr 2016

A 35-year-old female S/D agent whose mutations make her resemble a thickly-furred yeti. Strong and agile but poorly educated and with no presence whatsoever.

Archived | Views: 274 | Downloads: 2 | Added by: Ash | Date: 13 Apr 2016

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Legend of the Five Rings [2]
A role-playing game based on feudal Japan with influences from other East Asian cultures.
Strontium Dog [20]
Mutant bounty hunters with an array of imaginative gadgets and weapons.
Pathfinder [59]
A fantasy role-playing game that extends and modifies the Dungeons & Dragons' 3.5 rules.
Blank Character Sheets [5]
Blank Sheets to be used for Character Creation
7th Sea [2]
A "swashbuckling and sorcery"-themed tabletop role-playing game set in the fictional world of Théah.
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Unpublished, user created game systems.
Dungeons & Dragons [5]
A fantasy role-playing game widely regarded as the beginning of modern role-playing games.

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