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Garrett Wyrmbait
17 Jul 2004, 8:11 PM

Garrett Wyrmbait 
Halfling Paladin

Garrett is a 32 year old halfling male standing 3'1" and weighing 33lbs. He has short spikey black hair and deep brown eyes.

Garret is a bit of a stick in the mud, but mostly because he fears corruption. He is traveling alone with his faith and has started to doubt. While he was with Geddeon he could lean on the human's rock-solid faith, but now he must stand on his own two feet and is scared of wavering. He refuses to get close to anything he thinks might be an indirect evil or corrupting force on his soul, such as gambling, or alcohol, and occasionally he'll even be scared to talk with a beautiful woman. This makes traveling with his brother quite an adventure. He treats his brother like an old traveling partner in battle and on the road, but like a child when it comes to gambling and carousing. His is fairly forgiving the rest of his companions. He may not agree with many of the things they do, but he believes that his best hope of teaching is to do so through example. In the end, though, being a disciple of Heironeous he believes that the final judge of a person's character is their Valor. This is the basis from which Garret judges whether others are worthy of his respect or not.

Despite being such a stick in the mud, Garret is quite likable. There’s just something in his weathered face and common-sense approach to things that puts people at ease around him. As a born and bread aristocrat who spent many years studding to be a scholar, he speaks like the very well educated. This mannerism is betrayed fairly quickly as soon as physical habits are noticed or deep conversation is breached. Having spent the last ten or so years almost exclusively on the road, he has grown accustomed to adventuring-standard food and cleanliness. Conversations often find him more of a font for common-sense and anecdotes than historical fact and critical analysis.

Garret has a holier-than-thou attitude, because he is.

Code of Conduct
I shall act with Valor and Courage at all times.
I shall help the Innocent and the Needy.
I shall Thwart evil and every possible turn, with all the resources at my disposal.
I shall respect legitimate Authority and obey all Just laws.

Garret Wyrmbait was born in Merrydale to Jared and Lilly Wyrmbait. He was raised on the family vineyard along with his two brothers, Lucas (seven years older) and Filo (three years younger). The family business was quite a successful on which afforded the family a lot of luxury. Lucas was groomed almost from birth to eventually take over the wine business and the estate, both of which he took to like and orc to filth. Garret was a charming and na├»ve lad who go along well with just about everybody he met. Despite no aptitude for study, he was sent off to the Temple of Yondolla to be a scholar. Filo was the rambunctious youth who truly enjoyed every luxury and bit of leeway his family’s prestige and wealth afforded him. After the Great Rat Debacle of ‘09 however, he was given his share of the inheritance and told by his father that it was time for him to experience the real world first hand.

Garret’s tenure at the temple was an uneventful one. He studied with the monks and clerics for a number of years, but never really committed himself to his work. One day, however, Garret heard ‘The Call’. With no explanation more than faith in the power of Good, he packed up all his belongings and traveled to the nearest human city and joined up with the temple to Heironeous. The clerics there were expecting him, saying that their prayers and meditations had revealed to them the coming of the next of the Order. Garret found his purpose in life and began his Paladin training with an energy he had never before displayed. He was squired to Geddeon Lang, and older human Paladin, who taught him all he’d need to know about Courage, Valor, Justice and Honor. Geddeon and Garret got along famously and soon began Questing and striking fear into the hearts of evil beings near and far. Geddeon and Garret had many great adventures while traveling all across the country. After a few years Garret was granted full Paladin rank in the Order of Valor, but he and Geddeon continued journeying together for a few years more. The human eventually retired from Questing leaving the halfling at loose ends.

Garret had learned much of Courage and Valor in his many fights with evil. He had learned much about Justice by talking with kings and helping the innocent. He had learned some of Honor by watching Geddeon, but had never really taken it upon himself to safeguard his own. He vowed to make up for his lost time ignoring his own honor and decided to start for them beginning, by checking in with his family and making amends for years of silence. He found Lucas and his parents in good health back in the Merrydale estate. They were overjoyed to see Garret again after so many years, especially with such prestige heaped upon his shoulders. Garret was pleased to see his parents, but uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed because they made their living and fortune selling alcohol, a tool of corruption (as he saw it). After a brief visit and with a promise to keep in touch, he set off in search of Filo. He found Filo in a bar, in debt, and inebriated. Garret saw Filo’s behavior as a stain on the Wyrmbait family reputation, and by extension a stain on Garret’s honor. The Paladin prayed to Heironeous and resolved to strengthen his brotherly ties. He would travel with Filo, helping him pay back his dept and teaching (mostly thought example) the power of Courage, Valor, Justice and Honor. Always on the look-out for evil to be thwarted and good deeds to be done, Garret is also using their money-making journeys as a chance to advance the causes of Good and Law in the world.

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