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17 Jul 2004, 7:19 PM

Drow Necromancer

Llothiel is of average height  and weight.  His most outstanding feature is a set of matching blood red tattoos on each forearm and hand in the shape of a pointed arrow.

Llothiel was trained as a boy by the priests of Rathma, at the wish of this father.  There he was taught of the Balance between Life and Death, and how to control the magic that binds the two together.  The cult of Rathma honors the dragon Trang'Oul, who is the fulcrum of the Balance.  As such, some of their evocation magic is related to the dragon's command of bone and spirit.  However, Llothiel himself was fascinated by the aspect of the Balance found in Nature and ended up leaving the order of Rathma to explore the world.

His studies of field and forest gained him experience relating to both plants and animals.  His knowledge of unusual herbs and fungi is particularly extensive.  In Llothiel's philosophy, Life and Death are just two sides to the same fundamental force, so he does not see his command of undead, or animating constructs with life-force, as equal to "unnatural". 

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