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Kitsuki Kagemusha
17 Apr 2012, 8:22 PM

Kitsuki Kagemusha 
Dragon Magistrate

Kagemusha is of average height, with jet-black hair and dark eyes. He is immensely fat, to the point of obesity. He has a jovial nature and is often seen laughing at the merest bauble or weakest pun, although many have commented that this jolly nature might be a fa├žade to lure in the unsuspecting. Certainly Kagemusha has a natural good-natured charm about him and most people, even in some circumstances those he has convicted of crimes, can’t help liking him. He has a loud, booming voice that can silence a crowd instantly but he also loves to gossip (although again, this might be an excuse to learn more).

Kitsuki Kagemusha was the last child of a mild-mannered but gifted male Kitsuki magistrate and a deadly female Miromuto samurai. His mother’s mother (i.e. his maternal grandmother) was a famous warrior and tactician, renowned throughout the Dragon clan for her bravery.

Like his older sister and brother, Kagemusha longed to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps and be a great warrior. Unfortunately, unlike them, he had none of his mother’s talents. Try as he might, Kagemusha was always unsure of his footing, clumsy in his gait and stance, and awkward when wielding a blade.

However, fate did smile on Kagemusha. He may not have inherited any of his mother’s grace or ability with a sword but he did inherit his grandmother’s tactical sense. That, along with the hereditary dogged persistence and keen eye of his father, made him excel as a magistrate.

His mother died during his early childhood, leaving his grandmother to fill the role of raising the children. As a result, she is now one of the closest friends Kagemusha has (she’s still healthy and has a sharp mind, even though she’s in her 70s). She often disapproves of his habits, his behaviour, his willingness to let criminals off lightly, and the company he keeps, but secretly she’s proud of him in her own way.

Kagemusha is a lover of good food (although he’ll take bad food if that’s all there is). He has worked as a magistrate for several years now but has developed a reputation for being a little soft-hearted.

He still longs secretly to be a great warrior although he knows that isn’t his destiny. Perhaps the greatest irony is his name, which means ‘Shadow Warrior’, which he takes to mean that he will never be a true warrior, just the mere shadow of one.

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