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Corgman became a necromancer because he couldn't bear losing his family and has raised them... and is looking for a way to restore life.   He is actually in the dungeon and the area of the zombies because his undead zombie family got caught up in the migration and he is trying to get them back with the help of his side kick Robina.

His mission "To end the emotional gut wrenching suffering of losing the people we care about.   Why?  Because it's just not fair."

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 500 | Downloads: 10 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 02 Jan 2016

A fresh christened paladin of Iomedae, Godric sojourns in Falcon's Hollow while waiting for the riverboat headed for points north. He plans to promote his faith by offering basic training and weapons to anyone with a duty to defend themselves and others--according to Godric this category includes precisely everyone.


Godric believes strongly in righteous battle. He believes that the capability to defend oneself and others is of paramount importance. Though he gladly fights for the innocent, he also recognizes that he cannot be present to face every enemy the innocent might face. Therefore, he expects them to learn to protect themselves, and will regularly check on the condition of the local militia and guard forces wherever he happens to be. Each morning he communes with his god Iomedae through physical training and maintenance of his weapons and armor. Believing strongly in redemption and remediation, Godric understands that a man can have good and evil in him both, and would rather reeducate a foe than slay him, though sometimes bloodshed cannot be avoided.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 553 | Downloads: 66 | Added by: Anthony | Date: 27 Sep 2015

Njörd Eissen gained magical abilities through his elven father, manifesting as the Elemental Cold due to his mother’s frigid northern lineage. As a Half-Elf, he was abandoned by his elven elder and never accepted by his bitter homeland. After the death of his mother, he set out to hone his budding sorcerer skills in the lands beyond. A warm light from the frozen darkness, Njörd seeks his father, but also for something he can call family.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 595 | Downloads: 46 | Added by: Michael | Date: 01 Jul 2015

A sheltered monk that enjoys spirits.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 455 | Downloads: 9 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 30 Jun 2015

Male Halfling Cleric with a fondness for goats.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 609 | Downloads: 47 | Added by: Russ | Date: 02 Jun 2015

Someone owes the Talborment family a lot of money. Either they're going to pay for Randy's resurrection, plus a hefty inconvenience bonus on top, or they pay for the lost earnings Randy could have brought in. Whatever. It's a lot of gold, is what we're saying. And Candy always gets her gold... one way or another. She's going to find whoever is responsible for her brother's death and stick with them until they pay up. Or she'll steal every damn thing they have.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 511 | Downloads: 17 | Added by: Bad-Ash | Date: 11 Mar 2015

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