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Sigbert Level 1
[ Download from this server (32.9Kb) ] 08 Apr 2013, 9:28 PM

Human cleric of Iomedae, goddess of valor, rulership, justice, honor.

Category: Lost Crown | Added by: Rick | Tags: Iomedea, man, Cleric, Male, Human
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Rick, your character sheet looks good too. The one question I have is I'm not sure how you have a Concentration bonus of +5. it should just be your WIS bonus, which is +4. Where's that extra +1 coming from? (I'm probably missing something really obvious here, I know... :))

Totally irrelevant but your equipment weight is slightly wrong. You've recorded that as 63.5lbs but I make it 67.5lbs; the issue is your waterskin which should weigh 4lbs and not zero. It's another oversight in the rules - we can assume I suppose that the 4lbs weight is when the waterskin is full, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere in the rulebook. But it's just common sense really, and this is fine. After all, even an extra 4lbs doesn't change your encumbrance at all (and it could, later, but even then it's just a minor difference).

However, it might also be a good idea to buy some food, unless you're hoping the other PCs will share. tongue No fault of yours, of course, I didn't tell you too much background info, but you will be about four days walk from the main town, so rations of some sort might be helpful.

Also, if you could let me know which spells you're preparing as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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