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Timbault-In-Green Level 1
[ Download from this server (814.7Kb) ] 07 Apr 2013, 0:13 AM

Here's Timbault, the local trapper for the place where we are all doing stuff!

Category: Lost Crown | Added by: Rob | Tags: Male, druid, gnome, man
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Total comments: 6
1. Oops! Forgot about the small bonus. Sweet.
2. I'll never, ever be using that thing as an actual double weapon. Lord willing, I'll never be using it as more than a walking stick, but I should actually record the bludgeoning damage, just in case.
3. Ack! Again with the forgetting I'm small! Any chance I can store my rope on Pelt? If not, well, I guess I don't NEED rope...
4. I put that "or" in there to indicate that I'll be preparing Goodberry on most days, but if I know there's adventuring in the offing, I'll have Cure Light Wounds prepared instead. I can certainly see how you might not have gotten all of that from context biggrin
5. I didn't roll it, actually. Didn't think to while we were there, so I just chose average. If you'd like me to roll for it though, I'm down with that.
6. Strangely enough, Animal Companions apparently do get class skills. Check out the skills section of in the last line. Why my Wolf has fly as a class skill, though, I'll never know. And you are correct, I forgot to write down the feat, but it should be Armor Proficiency (Light).
7. Yeah, the tricks section is hella confusing. I wasn't actually sure how many it said, and looking back I think I may have confused the number of tricks I could teach it, or something. One trick is fine by me, I can teach it more down the line, assuming Pelt lives and I don't have to adopt Rug or Jacket Lining. I'll take just the Attack trick for now.

Sorry, Rob, another mistake of mine - you do only get one bonus spell, not two, so yes, you will have to narrow down your spell selection.

Correction, Rob, you current load is 31lbs, not 34.75lbs - I thought small characters reduced some equipment by half, not three-quarters.

Never mind the money issue, Rob, you have it recorded correctly. I missed the cost of Timbault's leather armour, which would explain the 10gp difference.

Oh, I forgot to add - totally unrelated to your character sheet, Rob - the Animal Companion section of the Druid class is a perfect example of the craziness of the Pathfinder rulebook. It's contradictory in many places, most notably in the animal's BAB, which the rules state are one thing but the table states another. It doesn't matter until you reach 3rd level though, but I think we'll go by the table.

Rob, here are a few questions/notes I have regarding your character sheet:

Timbault has his Stealth skill recorded as +1 only (no ranks, just your DEX bonus). But as a small creature, you get an additional +4 bonus which isn't on your sheet, for a total of +5.

Your Gnome Hooked Hammer is a two-handed weapon with two different ends (the hook and the hammer), one of which (the hook) causes the piercing damage (d4) you've recorded on your sheet and the other greater bludgeoning damage (d6), which you haven't recorded. No biggie, but you might just want to make a note so you don't forget you can do more damage and a different kind of damage. (You can also use it as two weapons at once, although I wouldn't recommend it - and besides that's irrelevant to what I'm saying right now....)

Good news about Timbault's cash - I make it so he has 10gp more than you have recorded. You started with 60gp and spent 48.7gp on equipment, armor and weapons, so you should have 11gp and 3sp left. You have recorded 1gp and 3sp. (I'm thinking the obvious possibility here is your rope is silk, when I assumed it was hemp, this would explain 9gp difference at least.)

Timabult's encumbrance. You've got his light load recorded as 24lbs, but it should be 28.5lbs (STR11 on Table 7-4 on page 171, shows it's 38lbs, but as Timbault is small we need to divide that by 3/4, this leaves his medium load as 57lbs and his heavy load as 86.25lbs). The current weight of all your equipment is 34.75lbs.

Sorry, I know I said I'm not a huge stickler for encumbrance when it comes to carrying stuff (I always figure it's not as if you can't drop almost all you're carrying if something happens...) and that's right but a character's basic equipment is more important as it affects his AC and his skills.

So yeah, you might want to think about losing some of your equipment. Right now that medium load is reducing your speed by 5ft and worse, giving you a skill check penalty of -3.

Spells. I'm not sure why there's an 'OR' between your 1st-Level spells. You get three (one for your level and then two more because of your WIS bonus).

Timabult's Wolf's HP, did you roll that on the Saturday? Not that it's a problem, as you rolled perfectly average (an average of 9 on 2d8 and then plus 4) but I just wanted to check.

However, I'm not sure how you're getting Pelt's skill ranks of 5 in Perception and 6 in Stealth. You get two skill points to spend, so you had to have put a rank in each - that's one point. Pelt gets a +1 WIS bonus to Perception, so that should be 2 not 5, and a +2 DEX bonus to Stealth, so that should be 3, not 6. Are you thinking they're class skills?

And you don't have a feat chosen for the Wolf but I'm assuming it's Light Armor Proficiency so he can wear his barding without penalty. Is that right?

Finally, you've given the Wolf three tricks, when he only should have one (this might be my mistake - I remember we briefly talked about tricks on Saturday but I can't remember what we said).

Okay, that's everything I think. Like I said in the forum post about double-checking character sheets, there's a good chance I could be wrong and/or mistaken about anything I find. If I've missed something, Rob, please let me know.

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