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Volkhar Axefist Level 2
[ Download from this server (820.7Kb) ] 07 Apr 2013, 10:02 AM

Dwarf Rogue

Category: Lost Crown | Added by: Russ | Tags: rogue, Dwarf, Male, man
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Updated my character sheet to my current stats at level 2

No worries, Russ. These things are all actually beneficial to your character (except for the encumbrance) so if I hadn't have caught them you'd be starting at a small disadvantage and that wouldn't be fair to you.

I'll do some more work on this sheet before the 27th based on your suggestions.  Thanks!

One small mistake I made - although you still get the -3 check penalty, you don't actually lose any speed. I forgot Dwarves ignore encumbrance, pretty much, at least for movement.

Okay, Russ, I've given your character sheet the once-over. Here are my notes/questions:

Firstly, it looks like you haven't taken your Favoured Class bonus for 1st Level. You can either take an additional HP, which you haven't (your HP are 10, max 8 and +2 CON bonus), or an additional skill rank (which you haven't, as you've taken 10 skill ranks, 8 and +2 INT bonus).

Money-wise, my maths is off by 10gp (again, just like Rob's character, so I'm betting I'm missing something obvious). Your sheet says Volkhar has 44gp and 4sp left; I make it that he has 54gp and 4sp left.

Likewise, I'm worried about Volkhar's encumbrance. His loads are: Light 30lbs; Medium 60lbs; Heavy 90lbs. That puts Volkhar's current encumbrance at Medium (49lbs total), which knocks your speed down by 5ft, no biggie, but will give you a -3 check on some skills, which is a much bigger problem seeing as how you're the thief of the party.

Finally, you took the Weapon Finesse feat when you were thinking of taking a Rapier as your primary weapon. Did you want to reconsider that? It will be partly useful with your dagger but not at all useful with your waraxe. Weapon Finesse only works with a few select weapons (like a Rapier for example) or any light weapons. Your waraxe is neither.

Let me know if I've messed anything up here or misunderstood anything. Thanks.

I added a +4 bonus to my melee attack to compensate for the fact that I took the Weapon Finesse skill.

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