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At the time of the great invasion, Flan was naught but an unborn child within the belly of her mother. Child of two grand scholars of wizardy that lived in a gnomish village dedicated to the learning of magic, Flan was expected to follow in the steps of her parents and be a magician. When the demons came, the community banded together in an attempt to slow the invading army down and give others the chance to escape. Unfortunately, having never practiced extensively in the ways of offensive magics, most of the gnomes ended perishing in the explosion of magic that was the result of their ritual. Flan’s mom gave birth to her post mortem, and as a babe Flan was taken with the escaping refugees. Due to very traumatizing way in which she was born, Flan has experienced very disorienting mental issues through most of her life. She seems to be ‘poisoned’ with magic so to speak as she’ll often discharge magic like if her body was malfunctioning. As a result of that she’s also very absent minded- more so than the average gnome and grew up with the label of the village spaz despite being quite handy at making tools and weapons. Though most think that she volunteered for the exploration trip due to her whimsically nature alone, inwardly Flan hopes that she might learn enough discipline to control her overwhelming chaotic magic in her journeys.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 482 | Downloads: 22 | Added by: Juan | Date: 28 Sep 2016

Kurdreg comes from a line of hardy dwarf stock. Unfortunately during the demon invasions his father went mad and left him and his mother behind. What he did find out is that his father sired two other half-dwarves in his absence: Konraad, a half-human/half-dwarf cleric and Krushgruuv, a half-halfling/half-dwarf rogue. All three half-brothers hate their father. Krushgruuv has vowed to kill him for stealing their mothers' fortunes.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 451 | Downloads: 22 | Added by: Russ | Date: 28 Sep 2016

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