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KateGume (cat-eh-goo-may) Level 6
[ Download from this server (860.3 Kb) ] 13 Jul 2018, 7:43 PM
KateGume was born after the devastation of the demon horde and the world as it is is all she has known. She has never met her father (and could really care less to know him) as he was a wayward and libertine traveler. The only instance that her mother has ever spoken of him was to say that "he left more than he intended" as he was passing through. Kat never bothered to ask more.

Growing up amidst her orc family, she and her twin sister have had to compensate for the ways that her human father has diluted her Orc strength. What they lack in size and power they make up for with aptitude with a sword and shield. When the time came to learn a trade, they decided to take up weapon and armor crafting as most other Orcs showed disdain for crafting weapons and armor to fit their smaller size.

When she learned of the possible threat to their entire world she jumped at the opportunity to play the hero. Her twin, skeptical of the fanciful tale woven by the travelers that they met at the tavern, begged her to stay, insisting that if a threat was coming that they needed to protect their town. Kat, certain that she could be of more use to these travelers, decided to go despite her sister's protests. A part of her that she refused to recognized needed to prove to her village (and herself) that she was worthy of the orc blood that runs through her veins.
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