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Darchak Level 1
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Half orc born to human mother, Liselle, daughter of a successful merchant and a powerful orc shaman.


On a ride one afternoon Liselle was attacked by a group of human bandits looking to ransom her. Surprising the men she fought fiercely however their number and strength overwhelmed her and she was kidnapped and the ransom demand sent. Days turned to weeks and the weeks to months but no gold was tendered for the young woman's release. The bandits growing weary of waiting took their frustrations out on the woman. It began with a slap here and there but quickly grew into full blown beatings. When it became apparent that no ransom would be forth coming the bandits decided they would have payment for all their troubles with the feisty girl. And payment was taken in the form of rape. Liselle kicked screamed and bit at her attackers which caused riotous laughter among the men. Until the day she nearly bit off the nose of one of her attackers. In a fury the man beat and raped her repeatedly and left her for dead. The bandits moved on to other ventures.

She was found days later by the Darchak of a nearby orc clan. His calling as healer and medicine man would not allow him to leave the wounded woman though it was unlikely she would live considering the severity of her injuries. Though it took weeks for the woman to awaken the Shaman's magic was strong and medicine powerful. As the woman recovered she saw not a beast but a beautiful creature that saved her life. Her gratitude to him turned to love and the two were eventually mated. Though normally the clan would not allow humans to stay among them the shaman was so highly respected, and more than a little feared that the Torik (leader) had no choice but to grant his request to mate with the human.

The couple bore a male child and lived in matrimonial bliss until the child was 4. Liselle had long ago learned to ignore the insults both direct and indirect about herself but the harassment of her child was becoming almost unbearable with each passing day. She knew both male and female children of the clan fought mock battles and imitated the adults with boisterous and sometimes aggressive behaviour. She accepted this was a clan way of life and though not completely comfortable with it she tolerated the beatings her son received at the hands of his peers. Though it hardly seemed fair as he was smaller than his full bloodied kinsman. However when the Torik's son, nearly a man at 16 with all the strength and size of an adult started to harass her son she could barely stomach it but held her tongue. She did not wish to cause her husband embarrassment or humiliate her son who would one day become the healer. She knew the clan categorized every moment of weakness a member showed and never let anyone forget it. However the day she came upon the future leader kicking her son viciously in the stomach she was unable to contain her fury. She screamed with a ferocity only a mother can when her child is in danger. The man child laughed at the woman which enraged her more. She ran towards him launching herself at his chest. He was so stunned rather than knock her back he grasped her in his arms as if to hug her. Liselle took advantage of the proximity and scratched wildly at his face. The boy laughed until the moment she bit down savagely on his left ear. Once the fleshy appendage was in her mouth she locked her jaw and pulled with all the pent up rage she had for this creature ripping the ear from his head. The boy roared in pain and threw her to the ground ready stomp the life from her when he was knocked back by the shaman.

The man who would be leader begged like a child to his father, his Torik, to have the woman put to death. The Torik both repulsed and ashamed of his offspring's display decided to let the woman live as a reminder to his son of his weakness. The shaman and his family were banished from the clan.

With no other place to go Liselle brought her husband and child to the town she was raised in. The five years she had been gone had been a prosperous ones for her mother who was now even more powerful and rich. The merchant woman was surprised her daughter was alive as she had long thought her child dead. She had never received the ransom demand and had assumed that her daughter had been killed in some fatal encounter with a wild animal. Yet there she was with a beast in tow and a mongrel child. The woman's sense of propriety took over. It wouldn't do to be seen in public with this abomination. She instructed Liselle to go to the back of the shop where she would hear her daughter's tale. The story was worse than the fate she had imagined her daughter had suffered. No matter how she tried she could not comprehend that her daughter would willing marry and conceive a child with an Orc, a disgusting creature no better than an animal. Even if he had saved her life. Though the woman loved her daughter she was a business woman first and foremost and she knew that harboring an orc regardless of the circumstance would be bad for business. She came to a decision. Liselle and her “family” could stay a few days at her old cottage at the edge of town but they must stay out of sight. The merchant had long since moved into a nicer house in the middle of town.

Though Liselle followed her mother's instructions and kept her family out of sight nothing is ever really a secret and word quickly spread through the town that an orc was hiding within their midst. The townspeople, as most humans do, feared Orcs and hated the creatures because of that fear. It was easy enough to convince their collective selves that the Orc was holding the woman against her will and she must be saved. In a frenzy of righteousness a group of people stormed the cottage and savagely attacked the shaman. He fought them off fiercely but the greater number prevailed and his head was smashed in. Liselle wailed at the crowd and sobbed for her husband. The mob soon realized that this woman was a willing consort with the beast and such an abomination did not deserve to live. She was dragged to a nearby tree and hanged. The child who had been playing at the edge of the forest had started to run to the cottage when he first heard the ruckus. He arrived in time to see his mother being strung up by a group of humans. He roared with all the power of his father's people and raced to his mother but for all his childish bravery he could not save her. His failure spurned his grief and he charged into the group and though small for an orc child he was large larger than a human child. His strength was magnified by his anger and he knocked down a man and jumped on his chest and started to pummel his head. Liselle's mother having gotten word of the planned attack was not far behind the group and was brought up short by the sight of her daughter hanging from the tree but was not completely able to reconcile the sight as all she could hear was the inhuman cries of a child. She turned and looked at the mutt and for the first time looked past the pointy ears and the emerging tusks and saw the shock of white blond hair on his head and the most intense pale blue eyes set in the gray skinned face. Though she felt no love for the creature she recognized her daughter and his humanness. She rushed to block the crowd from taking the boy. Quickly she became the sharp negotiator that made her such a success in business. She reasoned with the crowd that he was only a child, yes an abomination, but did he deserve to die for the sins of the parents. The man had finally thrown the child off and the young half orc stood defiantly next to the woman who spoke in his defense. The righteousness had left most of the group and most were persuaded by the merchant that killing a child any child was not in their best interest.

The woman had no wish to take charge of the child so she did what most women did with unwanted children she carried him to the closest temple. The temple of Sarenrae occupied a large expanse of wilderness beyond the forest that surrounded the town.

The scholars of the temple gladly accepted charge of the child along with the monthly contribution of the wealthy merchant. The only condition of the donation was that the child never be told who brought him there. When asked for his name she had no idea as she had never bothered to learn it she did however remember her daughter referring to the grown Orc as a great Darchak so this is the name the woman gave the scholars. She left the child a silver locket that held an etching of his mother inside and the intention of never seeing him again.

Darchak was an intelligent child and possessed in his blood the knowledge and power of a great Orc shaman. It was fate that the temple was that of a healing deity. The healing arts and magic came easily to him. Through long days of meditation he learned to control his more aggressive tendencies. He channeled that energy into practice with the scimitar becoming quite adept in it's use. Having suffered at the hands of both Orcs and humans he had no love for either. But he was fascinated by people of all races he watched them carefully learning their body language and the subtle ways in which people communicated without language. It was through watching people that he also learned the elven language.

Had he been born with more traditional coloring he may have been able to join an Orc clan. But his eyes and hair branded him 'other' to all. He belonged to no one and to no place. The temple was the only home he knew but now at age 21 he had to decide if he was going to take the vows of the temple or strike out on his own.

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