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Paul Hewson aka 'Sting'
[ Download from this server (379.8 Kb) ] 22 Jul 2016, 8:01 PM

A 30-year-old male mutant with scorpion-like plating over his arms, fingers, thighs and pelvis. Weak and having a poor constitution, Sting at least is very agile and very smart.



I was four years old when the Great War came and still only sixteen in the year of the great uprising. I didn't fight in the mutant army from the start of the uprising. I was too young for that. Instead, I worked as a messenger for the resistance for a couple of years, making some contacts. In 2164, I narrowly escaped being shipped to an off-world concentration camp with my parents. Members of the resistance rescued me from that fate and so I enlisted formally in the army of the resistance. I never saw my parents again, but I was proud to liberate someone else's parents and someone else's children from a concentration camp set up in rural New Britain during the time of the Battle of Upminster.

After the time weapon counter attack by the government, my platoon received the order to converge on Stonehenge. There, at the summer solstice, I witnessed the original reading of the Mutant's Charter.

We, the undersigned, make known to the King of New Britain and the Unified Earth Government our beliefs:

• That all humans are created equal;
• That mutants have the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness;
• That the extermination of one race by another is unnatural and unfair.
Until the Death Camps are closed – until Mutant Rights are recognized – it is our duty to resist in the name of Humanity.

The remainder of the war was a series of guerrilla raids. My goals were less heroic in the end. I just wanted to survive this war of attrition. Once the war ended, I drifted for a matter of months before recognizing that the only legal way for me to make a living going forward was to join the Search and Destroy Agency. I joined the agency late in the year of its creation, 2168.

I find it ironic that I passed through the Great War and the mutant uprising unscathed, but find myself continually battered, bruised and virtually maimed throughout my life as an SD agent. I was still recovering from my wounds from various training missions when I was assigned to this team led by agent Graves. I wish my physical injuries were the worst of my concerns. However, there was another problem complicating my life. I fear that I have made an adversary somewhere in the Agency or elsewhere in the halls of power. In moments like this, when the anxiety takes hold of me, I can’t even remember the details.

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