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Main » 2013 » December » 21 » 7th Sea
8:32 PM
7th Sea

The Empire again grew too large and too corrupt. The empire fell to the barbarians of the north and the "dark age" fell over all Theah. It was during this time the Second Prophet emerged. Unlike his predecessor, the Second Prophet made war against magic in all it's forms. He started the first crusade - a plan that cost him his life. Still, his message was sown - magic was not only an abomination, but one to fight against with all your might. Many crusades were forged of this theory. The Third Prophet continued this trend, preaching of war against magic. He drew upon the power of the Vaticine Church and Theus himself to rid Theah of magic once and for all. He began in Castille, throwing the noble family who ruled there using their sorcery, out of power and riding the world of it's taint forever. He moved the base of the church from Vodacce (now corrupted by its own magic) to the newly liberated Castille, and began planning for his next conquest. He never needed to. The Vodacce, disgraced by the loss of their religious seat of power, rebelled against their noble families, stripping them of their power and the Montaigne fearing conquest or revolution, surrendered their magical tradition in return for maintaining their right to rule. The Third Prophet agreed, and the new pact was struck. With it, the four noble families were gone (the fourth having never survive the dark ages). The third Prophet reorganized the church, choosing the first Hierophant - leader of the church - as well as several other changes, then left never to be seen again, only foretelling that a fourth prophet would come, signifying the end of the world.



System:  7th Sea      GM:  Ash



Character Creation  -  100 Hero Points (HP);  Players' Guide only.




Don K
Male - Castile - Noble

Giuseppe Petri
Male - Vodacce - Priest

Male - Ussura - Sorcerer

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