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The Captain is Dead
21 April 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2013 » December » 21 » 7th Sea [Ash]
8:32 PM
7th Sea [Ash]

100 Hero Points (HP) -  Players' Guide only.

To make things easier for everyone I have created an automated character creation Excel form - all you have to do is answer the questions provided step-by-step, it keeps track of your Hero Points, and you'll end up with a complete character sheet.

Don K:  Male - Castile - Noble
Giuseppe Petri:  Male - Vodacce - Priest
Robert:  Male - Ussura - Sorcerer



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    Pathfinder [4]
    A fantasy role-playing game that extends and modifies the Dungeons & Dragons' 3.5 rules.
    Dungeons & Dragons [2]
    A fantasy role-playing game widely regarded as the beginning of modern role-playing games.
    7th Sea [2]
    A "swashbuckling and sorcery"-themed tabletop role-playing game set in the fictional world of Théah.
    Strontium Dog [1]
    Mutant bounty hunters with an array of imaginative gadgets and weapons.
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    Legend of the Five Rings [1]
    A role-playing game based on feudal Japan with influences from other East Asian cultures.

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