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Recovery of Amicas [Pathfinder]
19 May 2018 10a
Bruegger's Bagels in Durham

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Main » 2016 » August » 13 » A Dogs' Life : Strontium Dog [Ash]
3:50 PM
A Dogs' Life : Strontium Dog [Ash]


Desdemona Graves aka 'Graves': Female -  skeletal features enhanced by body paint
Gustave Douchain aka 'Iron Foot': Male - a shrunken thigh and one foot looks metal
Sasha Barkovich aka 'Corgibelle': Female - thick armoured fur
aka 'Raven': Female - reptilian scales on her arms
aka 'Dr. Jab': Male - armoured skin, stone knees, and ears on his shoulders
Paul Hewson aka 'Sting': Male - scorpion-like chitin over his arms, fingers, pelvis and thighs



A Dogs' Life: A Guide to the Galaxy: Part I - background to the year 2180 and the galaxy...
A Dogs' Life: A Guide to the Galaxy: Part II - alien species and cultures...
A Dogs' Life: A Guide to the Galaxy: Part III - weapons and armour...
A Dogs' Life: A Guide to the Galaxy: Part IV - other equipment...



Warrent #00: Max Quirxx 
04.09.2016  (Graves, Corgibelle, Raven, Dr. Jab, Sting)

Warrent #01: Duncan Pizer 
04.23.2016  (Graves, Iron Foot, Raven, Sting)

Warrant #02: William Blanko 
06.04.2016  (Graves, Iron Foot, Corgibelle, Raven, Dr. Jab)
06.25.2016  (Graves, Corgibelle, Sting)

Warrant #03: Dokkus Dikkory
07.16.2016  (Graves, Iron Foot, Dr. Jab, Sting)  

Warrant #04: Oswald Mega
08.13.2016 (Graves, Corgibelle, Raven, Dr. Jab, Sting)



Experience Points:

Leveling Up: 2 points per each session attended by the player; late arrivals will only receive 1 point for the session. (If you loose your character sheet, you will loose all record of skills used during the game and therefor the ability to level them up.)

Backstory: 1 point for at least a full paragraph of character backstory uploaded to the website. This is a one time bonus.

Journals: 1 point per game journal, posted by the date of the next regularly scheduled game or within two weeks, which ever comes first.


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