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Main » 2014 » May » 4 » New Corinth
5:40 PM
New Corinth

Like most bad things, you can blame the current condition of the United States squarely on the Nazis.  In WW2, as the German advance near Stalingrad faltered, Hitler unleashed his secret weapons. From the nightmarish depths of the Buchenwald, dying Gypsy witches had shared an ages old blood curse with their torturers. Vampirism. The Wehrmacht, in an attempt to bolster it's fighting prowess, turned thousands of it's troops into bloodsucking monsters. Nightmarish myth became horrid reality, and Stalingrad fell almost overnight. But the Vampires weren't the only monsters waiting to be pulled out of the dark.

Nicholas, the Russian Czar, turned to demonic magics as well, cursing many of his troops with lycanthropy. England managed to make contact with the farie realms, bargaining for their return, in exchange for power. Even the surviving Jews were able to turn to their kabbalist mystics and summon Golems to their defense.

In America, we didn't have the luxury of cultural goblins to drag out of the shadows. We were a land of immigrants. Instead, we hunted down the nastiest creatures we could find...and gave them to the scientists. They tried to splice combinations of creatures into our soldiers to mitigate the worst side effects of what were were doing. Largely, they succeeded. The results were wildly unpredictable, but still very useful, and without the virulent properties of the German or Russian approach. At the end of the war, the survivors of the American super-human projects were allowed to return to their civilian lives. We thought that would be the end of it.

Then they started having kids. 



System:  Flex System (Superheroes)      GM:  Rob



History  -  Factions  -  Flex System  -  Character Creation



Sybil Shepard
Female - (Cult Leader) - Infectious Personality
Nathaniel Jones
Male - (Ex-Football Player) - Three Phase Density Modulation
Dominik Fadi
Male - (Ex-Military) - Single Point Telekinesis
Female - (Bacon Lover) - Ghostly Possession
Randolf Wriggler
Male - (Ex-Military) - Fleshcrafting




Vampires in the Hills

  03/01/14  -  04/05/14  04/12/14  05/03/14

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