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Main » 2013 » May » 15 » Heroes of the Lost Crown
7:03 PM
Heroes of the Lost Crown

You are all currently in the employ of Auguste, the eleventh Earl of Halebridge.

So why have you been hired? Well, a few weeks ago the Earl sent a considerable dowry to a neighbouring province, ruled over by another noble family, having agreed that his illegitimate daughter would marry their eldest son. Unfortunately, the small band of knights sent to protect the engagement gift never arrived. At some point during their journey they were ambushed and the dowry stolen.

The loss of valuable soldiers was a setback, the loss of the dowry even more so, and the fact that the arranged marriage fell through considered a disaster. However, worse news was that amongst the gold that made up the bulk of the dowry was a silver diadem, known as the Crown of Tears. This crown was meant to be worn by Isolde at her wedding and was emblazoned with three droplet-shaped diamonds.

Said to be magical, the Crown of Tears could normally be easily detected through the use of scrying spells but when news of the ambush came to Halebridge it proved to be too late. Even the best Clerics attending the Earl's court could not locate the crown, try as they might, not through magical means. And the Earl no longer has the soldiers at his disposal to scour the countryside.

Hiring you has been a last resort. Each of you has been promised a considerable purse of monies if you can return the crown (and hopefully the dowry too). Working as a group, you have finally tracked the ambushers deep into the darkest forests...



System:  Pathfinder      GM:  Ash






Stats Rolled - Core Rulebook Only

Female - Human - Fighter
Volkhar Axefist
Male - Dwarf - Rogue
Aisha Meadowlark
Female - Elf - Ranger
Male - Gnome - Druid
Female - Elf - Sorcerer
Male - Human - Cleric
(retired after 04/27/13 game)



The Lost Crown


The Nine Maidens
  05/11/13  -  05/25/13

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