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Main » 2013 » May » 26 » The Fall and Rise
6:44 PM
The Fall and Rise

Kor Alanth was a small, but immensely powerful island city-state situated in the center of the inner sea. Their trade-fleet ruled the economy of every nation within reach, and their massive mystical might kept any grumbling from other countries strictly to a minimum. Kor Alanth, in a very real way, ruled the world. All it took was a single artifact to bring it all crashing down. 

No one still living knows which member of the Council of Archmagi created the Device. It was a portal, powered by the ambient magic of the land itself, and it could open a path to any of a thousand planes, a million worlds. It was supposed to usher in a new era of trade and exploration for the empire of Kor Alanth. Instead, all it brought was destruction. As the artifact powered up, it shredded the barrier between worlds. Hordes of the undead and the damned swarmed across the lands. Elemental storms incinerated nations, and buried cities beneath waves of water and stone. 

The Archmagi, horrified at what they had wrought, tried to turn the portal back off. They were unsuccessful. It was gathering more and more power, attempting to stabilize itself, and failing. Soon it would detonate, wiping Kor Alanth, and the island upon which it was built, from the face of the world. Quickly, the council put a number of doomsday plans into action, each meant to preserve some portion of their society, history, and people. You are part of one of those plans, thrust into the future with other refugees, in the hope that you might make a new home, and remember the ideals, and the hubris, from which you came. 



System:  Pathfinder      GM:  Rob



Fate Points: All of you have a pool of three fate points. So do some of the villains you'll encounter. You can spend these fate points for three effects. These Fate Points refresh at the beginning of each game.

  1. Reroll one non-combat roll, after I've told you if the roll had succeeded or failed. 
  2. Add 1d6 to any roll as an untyped bonus BEFORE I've told you if it succeeded or failed. 
  3. Auto-Stabilize at one hp from death. If you would die at -15, and you get dropped to -30, spending a fate point would leave you at -14. This can only be used once per encounter, and must be used before anyone checks to see if you are dead, be they an ally or an enemy. 

Skill Points: You can gain a free skill point by rolling a natural 20 on any individual (not group) skill roll that called for, or by winning an encounter of at least equal CR to your party (remember, this does not always mean killing something).



25 point buy - All Books Allowed - Max Money - Class Restriction: No Gunslingers, Ninjas, Samurai, or Summoners 

Alexandrea "Sasha" Panthera
Female - Half-Elf - Druid
Kallen of the North
Female - Human - Barbarian
Isso Dagbrecht
Male - Half-Orc - Ranger
Female - Human - Bard
Balthazar Frost
Male - Human - Wizard



  06/08/13  -  07/20/13  -  08/03/13  -  08/31/13  

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