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Recovery of Amicas [Pathfinder]
19 May 2018 10a
Bruegger's Bagels in Durham

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Main » 2017 » July » 15 » Security and Investigations
8:29 AM
Security and Investigations

Pre-generated: 15 Point Buy (no stats below 8) - Core Rulebook Only

  Kilo Azurefist 
Female - Dwarf - Paladin
Zachariah Toll 
Male - Human - Wizard
Bashwell 'Basher' 
Male - Half-Orc - Barbarian
  Volkhar Axefist 
Male - Dwarf - Rogue
Charna Siavash 
Female - Human - Cleric
Koron Aedrhule 
Male - Human - Fighter
Female - Elf - Sorcerer
Corgan Flashbottom 
Male - Halfling - Rogue
Male - Human - Rogue
Male - Halfling - Barbarian
Catinca 'Tinca' 
Female - Halfling - Bard
Male - Half-Orc - Cleric
Female - Human - Fighter


Hangman's Noose - U2 Paizo  [Robyn] 
02/13/16 (Tinca, Corgan, Kilo, Turan)
03/12/16 (Tinca, Basher, Corgan, Kilo)

Rise of the Goblin Guild - U2 Paizo  [Michelle] 
04/22/17 (Kilo, Brunhilda)

Rise of the Goblin Guild - U2 Paizo  [Michelle]
07/15/17  (Brunhilda, Charna)


Fumble: Whenever an attacker rolls a natural 1 on the die, the attack misses and there is the threat of a fumble. The attacker must immediately make a confirmation roll, using their full base attack bonus (and accompanying modifiers). If the attack roll would miss the target, the attacker fumbles. The attacker will then roll a d10 which will determine the result of the fumble. An attacker can only fumble once per combat.

Death: When a character dies they roll for a chance of Divine Intervention from their Deity. A d100 will be rolled and if the result is 95 (90 for clerics) or above the character comes back to life with 0 HP. If they fail a cleric or paladin in the party can also attempt the same roll. There may be additional effects from coming back from the dead for the character as determined by the GM, especially if saved by a diety other than the characters.

Ammunition: You do not need to keep up with the number of arrows/bolts/bullets/darts used. It's assumed you’ll recover what you can after each battle and reuse them.

Rations: You don’t need to purchase or keep track of rations. It's assumed you have them and will resupply yourselves as you go along.

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