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Any character in Amicas, except monks, may attempt to cast spells.  Spells listed for Cleric or Paladin may only be cast by characters of that class unless another class is listed on the spell.  Except for the specifics listed in this document, all other class restrictions on casting, such as alignment restrictions and preparation of spells apply.  Those with only Barbarian, Fighter, and/or Rogue levels can cast any spell they know without preparing it ahead of time.  Monks will not have access to spells, but will have greater access to Ki Points and Powers.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 655 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 25 Feb 2017

Hero Points are only awarded to player characters. Hero points do not renew over time or with rest. Once spent, they are gone forever. The GM is the final arbiter on the award and use of hero points.
Recovery of Amicas | Views: 246 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 30 Jan 2017

Three characters will be created for each player.  One primary character to start play and two back-up characters.  All characters should be related and the two not being played should be 'missing' in some fashion.  If a character dies in play, one of the back-up characters will join the group.

All characters start without a class and will essentially be a level 0 character.  Use the rules below to build your starting character.  Class levels will then be applied on top of this starting character base.  All characters will start from one of the small agrarian villages they live in.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 620 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 10 Dec 2016

Map of the Continent

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 361 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 10 Oct 2016

An example geneology. I did the grandparents and parents/aunts/uncles in about 1 written page. As you will see most of the characters are unaccounted for or confirmed dead.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 308 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 04 Oct 2016

Destroyed by a demon horde, Amicas needs your help.

Recovery of Amicas | Views: 319 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 21 Sep 2016

The ramshackle town of Falcon’s Hollow is a wild place that rests perilously close to the infamous Darkmoon Vale.  Nestled in the shadow of Drokar’s crag the shadow of nearby mountains casts a shroud of gloom on the desperate souls who call this place home. It is a place of hardship broken only occasionally by a festival or an infrequent merchant caravan. The people of the tiny village face constant adversity from both the wilderness and the wiles of man. Wolves nip at their heels and cutpurses ply at their pockets.

Darkmoon Vale | Views: 526 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 18 Jul 2014

The dwarven influence around Darkmoon Vale is very strong ...
Only in the past few years have the elves returned to Darkmoon Vale ...
Gnomes try desperately (but fail spectacularly) to fit in ...
Half-dwarves, while not common, are not unknown in Darkmoon Vale ...
Every few years, a half-elf is born ...
The strength and toughness of half-orcs make them welcome ......
Halflings are unpopular in Darkmoon Vale ......
Darkmoon Vale | Views: 469 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 18 Jul 2014

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