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Darkmoon Vale: Religion

While not a particularly religious or spiritual bunch, the people of Darkmoon Vale nonetheless pay lip-service to numerous divine entities. Among the 20 most powerful and common gods of Golarion, only Gozreh, Iomedae, and Sarenrae have managed to acquire “worshipers” here. They frequently compete with older faiths for the hearts of Valers.

Asmodeus: Although the worship of the archdevil Asmodeus is hardly welcome in Andoran, the accepting tolerance exhibited by Cheliax makes his reverence along the border almost a surety. Certainly, a number of Perin’s Bluff citizens bow to the infernal god, as evidenced by the existence of the Pact Hall in that town.

Droskar: Of course, any discussion of religion within Darkmoon Vale must include the cruel dwarven god of toil. Although the dwarves originally attempted to hide their conversion to the worship of Droskar, they eventually abandoned their poorly kept secret and went so far as to name a mountain and various structures after the god of toil.

Gozreh: Surprisingly, the very lumberjacks who exploit nature and cause its destruction also frequently bend knees to Gozreh, the god of nature. The loggers pray to Gozreh in his aspect as the god of weather, entreating him for sunny (but not too hot) skies and cool (but not cold) nights.

Iomedae: Thanks to the unpopular temple of Iomedaein Falcon’s Hollow and Iomedaen paladins in Adamas, the Inheritor has a disproportionately large presence in Darkmoon Vale. The wide presence of her faith should not, however, be confused with popularity, for her church lags behind those of Gozreh and Sarenrae in numbers.

Sarenrae: The Dawnflower’s faith came to DarkmoonVale with St. Elth, a pious and righteous cleric of Sarenraewho fell during Baron Novatnian’s conquest of the region. A relatively large temple of Sarenrae stands in Olfden.

Green Faith: Predating the arrival of even Droskar’s church, older faiths have long held sway over Darkmoon Vale. These ancient beliefs, collectively known as the Green Faith, continue on in Darkmoon Vale despite the best efforts of churches of newer deities. The Green Faith focuses on ritualized communing with natural forces, particularly the Five Elements of Green—air, earth, fire, life, water. Most of the druids in Darkmoon Vale(including the evil ones) practice some version of the Green Faith.

Cults: Rumors say that worshipers of Urgathoa and Zon-Kuthon hide among the populations of Olfden and Falcon’s Hollow. The church of Iomedae staunchly refutes these claims, but the whispers predate the Iomedaen temple and persist to this day. On the other hand, these whispers only ever seem to begin when an unexplained murder or disappearance occurs.

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