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Amicas Character Creation

Three characters will be created for each player.  One primary character to start play and two back-up characters.  All characters should be related and the two not being played should be 'missing' in some fashion.  If a character dies in play, one of the back-up characters will join the group.

All characters start without a class and will essentially be a level 0 character.  Use the rules below to build your starting character.  Class levels will then be applied on top of this starting character base.  All characters will start from one of the small agrarian villages they live in.

LEVEL 0 CHARACHTER BUILD  (level up your character from this build per normal)

Source Books Allowed: Core Rulebook (use of other sources by GM approval only)

Alignment: No evil characters allowed.

Race: In addition to the core races, Half-dwarves and Orcs are allowed.

Spellcasting: All characters can attempt to cast spells using custom rules.  (see Spellcasting in Amicas )

Point Buy: 20 (no stats below 8 after racial modifiers)

Starting HP: 10

Starting Wealth: 35gp

Skills:  All characters have the following skills as class skills: Craft, Handle Animal, Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Nature), Perception, Ride, and Survival.  Characters receive a bonus rank for the following skills that can not be moved: Craft, Knowledge (Geography), and Knowledge (Nature).  Characters will also receive a +4 bonus on Craft skill checks and +2 bonus on Perception skill checks.  Two skill points may be added to following skills of your choice: Handle Animal, Perception, Ride, and/or Survival.

Proficiencies:  All characters are proficient with the following:

Armor: Padded and Leather

Shields: Light Wooden Shield

Weapons: Unarmed Strike, Dagger, Sickle, Club, Shortspear, Quarterstaff, Blowgun (darts), Sling (bullets), Light Hammer, Handaxe, Light Pick, Scythe, Shortbow (arrows), Whip, Bolas, Net

Equipment: Starting weapons/armor can only be chosen from the above proficiencies list and at no cost.  In addition characters are also provided with a Backpack, Bedroll, Waterskin, and Flint & steel at no cost.

Ammunition: You do not need to keep up with the number of arrows/bolts/bullets/darts you’ve used.

Rations: You don’t need to purchase or keep track of rations.

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