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Amicas: house Rules, Character Creation and Leveling Up


Spellcasting:  See Spellcasting in Amicas for custom rules.

Hero Points:  See Hero Points for custom rules and use.

Fumble: Whenever an attacker rolls a natural 1 on the die, the attack misses and there is the threat of a fumble. The attacker must immediately make a confirmation roll, using their full base attack bonus (and accompanying modifiers). If the attack roll would miss the target, the attacker fumbles. The attacker will then roll a d10 which will determine the result of the fumble. An attacker can only fumble once per combat.

Death: When a character dies they roll for a chance of Divine Intervention from their Deity. A d100 will be rolled and if the result is 95 (90 for clerics) or above the character comes back to life with 0 HP. If they fail others in the party may also attempt the same roll. There may be additional effects from coming back from the dead for the character as determined by the GM, especially if a character is saved by a deity other than the one they originally followed.


 All characters start without a class and will essentially be a level 0 character.  Use the rules below to build your starting character.  Class levels will then be applied on top of this starting character base.  All characters will start from one of the small agrarian villages they live in.


LEVEL 0 CHARACTER BUILD  (level up your character from this build per normal)

Source Books Allowed: Core Rulebook (use of other sources by GM approval only)

Alignment: No evil characters allowed.

Race: In addition to the core races, Half-dwarves and Orcs are allowed.

Spellcasting: All characters can attempt to cast spells using custom rules.  (see Spellcasting in Amicas )

Point Buy: 20 (no stats below 8 after racial modifiers)

Starting HP: 10

Starting Wealth: 35gp

Skills:  All characters have the following skills as class skills: Craft, Handle Animal, Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Nature), Perception, Ride, and Survival.  Characters receive a bonus rank for the following skills that can not be moved: Craft, Knowledge (Geography), and Knowledge (Nature).  Characters will also receive a +4 bonus on Craft skill checks and +2 bonus on Perception skill checks.  Two skill points may be added to following skills of your choice: Handle Animal, Perception, Ride, and/or Survival.

Proficiencies:  All characters are proficient with the following:

Armor: Padded and Leather

Shields: Light Wooden Shield

Weapons: Unarmed Strike, Dagger, Sickle, Club, Shortspear, Quarterstaff, Blowgun (darts), Sling (bullets), Light Hammer, Handaxe, Light Pick, Scythe, Shortbow (arrows), Whip, Bolas, Net

Equipment: Starting weapons/armor can only be chosen from the above proficiencies list and at no cost.  In addition characters are also provided with a Backpack, Bedroll, Waterskin, and Flint & steel at no cost.

Ammunition: You do not need to keep up with the number of arrows/bolts/bullets/darts you’ve used.

Rations: You don’t need to purchase or keep track of rations.


LEVELING UP CHARACTERS  (your updated character sheet is due by the Wednesday before the game at the latest)

Source Books Allowed: Core Rulebook (use of other sources by GM approval only)

XP: There is no XP.  You will level up at GM discretion and when the story compels. 

Hit Points: You will always receive maximum HP when you go up a level. (No need to roll)

Equipment: Remember to update your character sheet with any new equipment and indicate size if it is a size category other than your character. If it’s not on your character sheet posted on the website, you don’t have it.

Ammunition: You will need to purchase a starting package of ammunition for any weapon other than one of the starting proficiencies. 

Rations: You don’t need to purchase or keep track of rations.

Followers: Ability Scores - 10 Point Buy (no stats below 8); Gear - Average Starting Wealth for the class




  Advanced Class Guide: Bloodrager (still needs advance DM approval)

  Pathfinder Unchained: Unchained Monk (modified)
    1st level: Ki pool, Ki power
    2nd level: Ki power

Class Features

  Advanced Players Guide: Ranger - Combat Style: Two-Handed Weapon 


  Advanced Player's Guide: All spells allowed

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