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Amicas: Genealogy of Characters

TentThorn Family Tree:

Family Occupation: Teachers.
Maternal Grandfather: Willimus TentThorn. Half Elf. He was a educated in engineering at University where he was teaching when the Demon Invasion hit. He died during the march when he was scouting for some material in the woods to build traps. It is assumed that he was killed by a band of demons. The body was never found.

Maternal Grandmother: Veronis TentThorn. Half Elf. She was educated in music and was teaching at University when the Demon Invasion hit. She and Grandfather met at the university. Being older she was kept at the rear of the fighting in the final battle, but she rushed into the fight and killed 10 demons herself. She lived through the battle and serves as a teacher in the village of Sofka. She is still alive and lucid at 93 years old... and shows no signs of slowing down.

Willimus and Veronis have 1 child – a female half elf named Villima who is dead.

ShuttleSock Family Tree:
Family Occupation: Traders
Paternal Grandfather: Chirial ShuttleSock. Human. Chirial was a trader who knew hidden routes around the Mirrorless Marsh. He was a very honorable man and was not involved in smuggling... just trading. A body was found with his ID in the pocket. The body was pegged to a tree through the gut with a large iron tipped spear, and his extremities were pegged many times by arrows with arms over his head and legs tied together. It is assumed he was tortured by the demons.

Maternal Grandmother: Sophina ShuttleSock: Human. Sophina and Chiro were childhood sweet hearts. They married young and had 4 children. She was a Mother's mother and took no more joy than to care for her young uns. In the final battle she fought, although not particularly well. She was pinned to the ground and a demon bled out all over her face and mouth. Her eyes glazed over and her tongue swelled and turned black but she lived. Now she sits in a rocking chair staring at a wall trying to push imaginary worms back into holes that only she sees. She will occassionaly say things like “Ekker worm Ekker know”. Nonsense really. She is noncommunicative

Chirial and Sophina had 4 children: - 3 males and 1 female
A male human named Bistial who is dead and the body was confirmed.
A male human named Vermount who is dead and the body was never found.
A male human named Tillus who is alive
A female human named Ain who is alive

AUNTS and UNCLES and PARENTS: They would be young during the wartime.

Villima TrentThorn: Half Elf. Villima was a gifted Sorceress. She was a graduate student training with a well respected master when the war broke out. Having Sorcery skills she was engaged in the battles of the retreat and fell while defending a small town that was evacuating. She was married to Ain ShuttleSock. Her body was never found and her death was not confirmed.

Bistial ShuttleSock: Human. Bistial was gifted in senses. He could hear and see with much greater accuracy than most. As such he would scout to the highest point around and search the horizon for approaching demons. His death was accidental as a branch broke from a tree he was climbing and he fell to his death. Not all deaths are battle related.

Vermount ShuttleSock: Human. Vermount was a dumbass. He believed the Demons could be reasoned with so at the start of the war he approached one to attempt to negotiate. His body was never found.

Tillus ShuttleSock: Human. 40 Years Old. He was 15 during the war. He fought in the war and survived. Killed over 100 demons. Being big and strong he is most helpful in the area of manual labor – although he is no slouch mentally. He grows the best crops in the village and helps make sure that everyone has food. The women of the village would consider him a catch, but his life is about taking care of his mother (Sophina) and sister and her kids, and feeding the community. He has adopted 2 orphans as his own.

Ain ShuttleSock: Human 44 years old. Ain was just entering university when the Demon Invasion took place. As such she is not trained educationally but she is very smart. Like her wife Ain she has the gift of Sorcery and her wife had convinced her to study formally at university following the birth of their 2nd child. She was there just long enough to start studying when the invasion occurred and she had to run. Her children were away visiting Grandmother when the war began. So she was able to make it to them during the migration. She was able to do very small feats of magic during the war so she mostly tended the wounded. At the end she did fight but was afraid. Her place was caring for others. She is the village Sofka's healer.

Ani ShuttleSock and Villima TrentThorn has 2 children:
A female Half Elf named Sophina in tribute to Ain's mother. She is alive
A female Human named Voronis in tribute to Villima's mother. She is alive

Tillus ShuttleSock has adopted 2 orphans as his Childern
A male Gnome named Crunt who is alive and is now 38.
A male Dwarf named RockMuncher who is alive and is now 35 (child in dwarf).


This is where you put your characters.. and any cousins who you want to flesh out. In this case it is:

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