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Recovery of Amicas
09 February 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Amicas: Hero Points
Hero Points are only awarded to player characters. Hero points do not renew over time or with rest. Once spent, they are gone forever. The GM is the final arbiter on the award and use of hero points.
The GM is the only one who may award hero points.
Backstory (1) -  Completion of a written backstory for all characters.
Adventure Journals (1) - Completion of a written adventure journal posted the evening before the next game.
Heroic Acts (1) -  Whenever a character performs an exceptionally heroic act, as determined by the GM. It does not have to be related to combat.
GM Discretion (1) - This may be awarded to those that write an exceptional journal, provide custom game accessories, or anything else the GM feels is deserving.  There are no restrictions.

You may not spend or combine hero points for/with another player unless specifically indicated.
Reroll (1) -  Reroll one of your rolls or force an opponent to reroll.
Inspiration (1-10) - Gain a hint about what to do next or effect a small details in the story.  Point cost is determined by the GM.  Players can combine hero points for this use. 
Feat (15) - These can only be gained when you level up.
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